Your Local Missing Pet Network

Stray Pet is designed to help you alert, locate and recover lost pets. Time is crucial when threats of predators, vehicle traffic and theft are all around them.

 Who should you alert and what Social Networks? Stray Pet knows!

Stray Pet will automatically alert:
  • Local Vets
  • Local Shelters
  • Local Pet Stores
  • The Stray Pet Network
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Craigslist)

Example Alert

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Why Stray Pet was created:

Stray Pet was created because of a little 15lb Boston Terrier named "Dewey". He was 10 years old when he vanished from our neighborhood back in July of 2012. I received a call from my worried son that Dewey was gone without a trace. I didn't know who to call or what steps to take. This frustration pushed me to start the Stray Pet network where it alerts neighbors, friends, Social Media and anyone else that could help.

-Founder of Stray Pet

 (Austin, Texas) (State of Colorado) (Dallas, Texas) (Hawaii) (Houston, Texas) (Las Vegas, NV) (Los Angeles, CA)

(Phoenix, Arizona) (San Diego, CA) (Tampa Bay, FL)

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