We can help by alerting our vast Member Network, Local Humane Societies and Veterinarians in your area, as well as the following social media outlets!

Three Easy Steps to Alert Everyone!

It’s been so much chaos with the new move here and the recent return of Raven last evening – we were so happy!
I have to say, this service was amazing.
How many folks it reached and how much impact it had was incredible. Thank you again so much!
Christy & Randy, Phoenix, Arizona
Our beautiful girl, Princess, has been found and is home safe! Thank you very much for your service and the updated alerts! We had hope from your service! You guys are amazing, compared to the so called “other” agencies. I have signed up to be alerted about other missing pets so I can help in their safe recovery. Thanks again!
Tracy , Arvada, Colorado

The Stray Pet Network

Our missing pets are reported by the most reliable source: the pet owners themselves.Our Network includes Veterinarians, Pet Stores, Humane Society’s, Craigslist and Social Media! We believe in alerting everyone and anyone to increase the chances of finding you lost pet!

Our Network is still growing, but our goals are already huge. Help us grow even faster by signing up to receive lost pet alerts!

As our network expands, more areas across the country will become available for reporting missing or stolen pets.

Using our top menu and clicking “Our Lost Pets” tab, you can see all of the pets that have been reported missing and/or found. If a pet you found matches the description please let us know, we’ll take the next step in reuniting it with its owner!

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The Stray Pet Story

Our Daughter with Dewey

We are a business that focuses on networking with the Community, Vets, Shelters and Police. These network relationships help us alert with a greater impact and hopefully a better return rate. With our vast network we also utilize our alerts to get the lost information communicated promptly. We utilize Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to help get the word out.

Stray Pet was created because of a little 15lb Boston Terrier named “Dewey”. He was 10 years old when he vanished from our neighborhood back in July of 2012. I received a call from my worried son that Dewey was gone without a trace. I didn’t know who to call or what steps to take. This frustration pushed me to start the Stray Pet network where it alerts neighbors, friends and anyone else that could help.