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Stray Pet Alert – Missing Nadine, in Mehlville, Missouri

Owners Name: Michele, Bollmann
Phone: (314) 808-4674
Email: mbollmann4@yahoo.com

Pet Name:  Nadine
Age:  1
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Bird
Breed:  Parakeet
City:  Mehlville
State:  Missouri
County: St. Louis Counry
Zip Code: 63129
Closest Cross Streets:  Kingbolt Dr. , Forder Rd. , Kinswood
Date Lost:07/16/2020
Time Lost: 03:30 pm
Pet Bio:  White with blue

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Keira Belle, in Kansas City, Missouri

Owners Name: Jillian, Hinrichs
Phone: (816) 516-9334
Email: JillianNSA@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Keira Belle
Age:  11
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Calico
City:  Kansas City
State:  Missouri
County: Clay
Zip Code: 64118
Closest Cross Streets:  Jefferson St & 51st Ter, Old Pike and Vivion
Date Lost:01/01/2019
Time Lost: 06:00 am
Pet Bio:  We had company so she always hides, once they left we realized she must have gone out the dog door which she never does in winter time. She is small for a cat and very skittish. She won’t let you pick her up but she is very loving to us. If you see her please text me or leave a message as I don’t answer strange phone numbers. The pic shows her white side, the other side is more oranges and greys.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Kira, in Bridgeton, Missouri

Owners Name: Linda, Shand
Phone: (314) 814-1507
Email: l_shand@msn.com

Pet Name:  Kira
Age:  6 years
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Bird
Breed:  Green Cheeked Conure
City:  Bridgeton
State:  Missouri
County: St Louis
Zip Code: 63044
Closest Cross Streets:  Falcon and Welland
Date Lost:12/25/2018
Time Lost: 11:49 am
Pet Bio:  6 years old. One person bird…nippy and very sensitive. This ornery little bird is most precious to me. Call her a she, but no idea to the real sex. She’s not just a pet…she’s also my friend.

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