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Stray Pet Alert – Missing Dog named  Hailey, in Englewood, CO

Owners Name: Jolene, Wilhelms
Phone: (720) 837-6316
Email: Indigo1144@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Hailey
Age:  16 months
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Australian Cattle Dog
City:  Englewood
State:  Colorado
County: Denver
Zip Code: 80110
Closest Cross Streets:  River Point Parkway and Santa Fe Drive
Date Lost:12/10/2018
Time Lost: 08:00 pm
Pet Bio:  My name is Hailey I’m very shy and timid but when I warm up to you I’m kisses and hugs, I jumped out of my masters car while she was driving behind the target/petsmart in river point shopping area tonight.my master was able to find my sweater but not me. Please help me stay warm and get back together with my masters. They have been combing the area for hours now trying to find me

Stray Pet Alert Cancelled! – Missing Shorty, in Aurora, Colorado

Pet Name:  Shorty
Age:  13
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Shih-tzu
City:  Aurora
State:  Colorado
County: Arapahoe
Zip Code: 80012
Closest Cross Streets:  Peoria and Mississippi
Date Lost:12/24/2018
Time Lost: 06:00 pm
Pet Bio:  I’m a small shaggy white/tan Shih Tzu with grey tipped ears and have a curled tail and hair covering my face. I’m older now and have arthritis and need my mom. Please help me!!

Pet Alert – Lakewood, Denver Area

(817) 235-0430

Pet Name: Onyx
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Medium
Pet Type: Dog
Breed: Husky
City: Lakewood
State: Denver Area
County: Jefferson county
Zip Code: 80227
Closest Cross Streets: Hampden frontage road and S Pierce St
Pet Bio: Brown and White husky. Left eye is blue, right eye is brown with a blue chip. He is microchipped. Can be shy with strangers.
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Pet Alert – denver, Colorado

(720) 216-3310

Pet Name: bun
Age: 3 month
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: No
Size: Tiny
Pet Type: Cat
Breed: ragdoll
City: denver
State: Colorado
County: denver
Zip Code: 80237
Closest Cross Streets: Oxford and Yosemite
Pet Bio: He is a very sweet kitten. 4 White paws and little dark spot on face
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Pet Alert – Weldona, Colorado

Owners Name:Ronda Bender
Owners Phone#: 970-313-7270
Owners Email: rondazbent24@yahoo.com


Pet Name: Baily
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Tiny
Pet Type: Dog
Breed: Pit mix
City: Weldona
State: Colorado
County: Morgan
Zip Code: 80654
Closest Cross Streets: Highway 39 and county road w
Pet Bio: Lovable, hyper, wines alot, jumps on people. She has to have something in her mouth when you come home to her. Then she will stand in your lap when you sit down. Hates brooms.
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Alert Cancelled! – Arvada, Denver Area

Pet Name: Angie
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Medium
Pet Type: Cat
Breed: Maine Coon mix
City: Arvada
State: Denver Area
County: Jefferson
Zip Code: 80004
Closest Cross Streets: 72nd and Kipling
Pet Bio: Angie is a Maine coon mix. One front white paw. Very social. An avid hunter and tree climber. Does well with other cats and not much intimidated by dogs. She is a leg rubber to everyone.
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