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Stray Pet Alert – Missing Khloe, in Wellington, Florida

Owners Name: Erin, Brown
Phone: (561) 389-9622
Email: eob10@aol.com

Pet Name:  Khlie
Age:  4
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic short hair
City:  Wellington
State:  Florida
County: Palm beach
Zip Code: 33414
Closest Cross Streets:  Forest Hill Blvd and Greenview Shores
Date Lost:10/26/2020
Time Lost: 10:26 pm
Pet Bio:  Gray kitty with white paws and crest
Microchipped and wears a red collar with a bell and rhinestone bow attached.

Stray Pet Alert – Stolen!!, Palm Bay, FL

Owners Name: Viktoriia, Mamedova
Phone: (786) 702-3601
Email: victoria-mamedova@mail.ru

Pet Name:  None
Age:  2 weeks
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  A Boxer
City:  Palm Bay
State:  Florida
County: Brevard
Zip Code: 32907
Closest Cross Streets:  Malabar Rd
Date Lost:10/24/2019
Time Lost: 04:10 pm
Pet Bio:  He was stolen right from my house by 3 girls and one black boy from High School

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Max, in Osteen, Florida

Owners Name: Julie, McCrystal
Phone: (407) 416-7520
Email: Julie.mccrystal@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Max
Age:  2
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier
City:  Osteen
State:  Florida
County: Volusia
Zip Code: 32764
Closest Cross Streets:  Lemon Bluff Rd & Brantly Rd
Date Lost:06/22/2019
Time Lost: 07:00 am
Pet Bio:  Max has a white body with light tan spots, brown Ears and a brown Right Eye .

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Riley, in Sanford, Orlando Area

Owners Name: Ryan, Capshaw
Phone: (407) 480-0674
Email: rycapshaw@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Riley
Age:  3
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  American shorthair
City:  Sanford
State:  Orlando Area
County: Seminole
Zip Code: 32771
Closest Cross Streets:  San Carlos
Bay Ave
Date Lost:05/22/2019
Time Lost: 07:30 pm
Pet Bio:  Black and White female. Distinctive markings. Black nose

Alert Cancelled!- Missing Ruby, in Lantana, Florida

Pet Name:  Ruby
Age:  3 yrs
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Bird
Breed:  Vosmaeri Eclectus
City:  Lantana
State:  Florida
County: Palm Beach
Zip Code: 33462
Closest Cross Streets:  1327 New World Ave, Andrew Redding Rd., Lantana Rd.
Date Lost:03/31/2019
Time Lost: 07:15 pm
Pet Bio:  Ruby is very tame and will step up if you ask her to. She is pictured here with her mate. Ruby has a red head, purplish breast, black beak and yellow band on the end of her tail. I am offering a $500 reward for the safe return of my bird.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Eowyn, in Clearwater, Tampa Area

Owners Name: Brooke, Ellis
Phone: (260) 341-9557
Email: bdellis19@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Eowyn
Age:  11
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic Shorthair
City:  Clearwater
State:  Tampa Area
County: Pinellas
Zip Code: 33760
Closest Cross Streets:  2770 Roosevelt Blvd; Woodland Key Apartments
Date Lost:03/25/2019
Time Lost: 12:00 am
Pet Bio:  Eowyn is an 11 year old indoor only cat. She has tortoise like coat that is mostly grey with some light brown patches .She has a white belly. Her most distinctive physical trait is that she has half of a tail. She is super sweet and loves people.