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Pet Alert – Diamond, Missouri

Pet Name: Max
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Small
Pet Type:
Breed: Pug
City: Diamond
State: Missouri
County: Jasper
Zip Code: 64840
Closest Cross Streets: Apple road, Newton Road, 59
Pet Bio: Max is a pure pug. He loves his house, his walks, his naps. He recently received a dental clean. He walks like a crab, howls, is food aggressive especially his treats or bones and is house broken but also does inside if bad weather. He knows the area very well and could not be lost. He just vanished. There was someone working in our wood and we think he may have stolen Max. Max does not bark at people, only to animals. Or cars coming in our home. I was doing a wood fire outside. Next to our wood where there was this worker. He was very interested in him and had his girl friend coming in and out by car. We have 7 other dogs that were with me sat around. We have lived there for 3 years and nothing ever happened. The 7 dogs did not react and in those 7 dogs we have 2 hunting dogs. Max just vanished and I realized it when at 10.50 am I called them to follow me for food. When picking up the plates I first thought he was sat there in the kitchen looking at me but then looked again and it was not him but another one of my pugs. It sent the alarm. We quickly rushed back outside and he was nowhere to be found. This was on my recorded video. At 10.20 we head up to the pile of wood to burn, 10.30 try to light it up, 10.50 back home. Max disappeared between 10.40 and 10.50. I had told him off for trying to pee under the branches I was lighting up. I then looked at him going away and thought he would just sit with the others. Since I have cleaned up the whole wood. Nothing. And the guy that was working in the wood ignored or changed subject every time I was bringing the subject back to Max, I texted him that I would not have him here until I find Max. He never responded, never been sorry, never cared. I don’t want all of this to be published, just want to look around, I’ll give reward for him of $300 if found. I almost thought I had seen him on puppyfind, another pug of 7 years old called “Mac” looking so similar. But he was located in Alabama. I enquired about him twice, they never replied. Max would not have ran away. He was waiting for his food. Max knows his environment very well. Max was either stolen or killed, but the way it happened is telling me stolen.
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Pet Alert – Independence, Missouri

Pet Name: Tank
Age: 3-4
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: No
Size: 25lbs
Pet Type: Dog
Breed: Pug
City: Independence
State: Missouri
County: Jackson
Zip Code: 64055
Closest Cross Streets: 51st and S Delaware ave
Pet Bio: He’s a bigger boned pug. Howls when he’s excited. Will tilt his head if you mention “go to grandmas.” Or even “Harley” extremely friendly and avoids aggressive dogs.
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Pet Alert – Mission Hills, Kansas

Pet Name: LOKI
Age: 4 months
Gender: male
Spayed/Neutered: No
Size: small
Pet Type: Dog
Breed: Jack Russel
City: Mission Hills
State: Kansas
County: Johnson
Zip Code: 66208
Closest Cross Streets: 63rd and State Line, Mission Hills, KS 66208
Pet Bio: White body with short hair with classic JR tan marking in the head with pinkish spots in the nose.
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Pet Alert – Roeland Park, KS, Missouri

Pet Name: Gertrude
Age: 7
Gender: female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: 68 lbs,
Pet Type: dog
Breed: Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix
City: Roeland Park, KS
State: Missouri
County: Johnson
Zip Code: 66205
Closest Cross Streets: 51st and Roe Blvd
Pet Bio: Gertrude is friendly but a little shy and will tend to run when startled. She was lost in an area far from her home.
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Pet Alert – BALLWIN, Missouri

Pet Name: Pixie
Age: 10 yr
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Petite
Pet Type: Cat
Breed: DSH Dilute Tortie
State: Missouri
County: St. Louis
Zip Code: 63021
Closest Cross Streets: Kiefer Creek and Pine Terrace Drive
Pet Bio: Pixie has an Avid microchip. She is light grey and light tan with a large tan spot under her chin. She is fron declawed. She has yellow/gold eyes. He nose is grey with pink spots. She is friendly. Is not used to being outside. She is on daily medication for irritable bowel disease.
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Pet Alert – Saint Louis, Missouri

Pet Name: Kona
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: No
Size: 75lbs
Pet Type: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd
City: Saint Louis
State: Missouri
County: Saint Louis City
Zip Code: 63116
Closest Cross Streets: Hartford St and Oak Hill St
Pet Bio:
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