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Alert cancelled! – Raleigh, North Carlolina

Pet Name: Caillou (Ka-you)
Age: 1 year 2 months
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Medium
Pet Type:
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
City: Raleigh
State: North Carlolina
County: Wake
Zip Code: 27610
Closest Cross Streets: Keith Drive
Lyndhurst Drive
Aaron Drive
Evers Drive
Hazelnut Drive
Sanderford Rd
Seabrook Rd
Crosslink Rd
Dandridge Rd
Savannah Dr
Pet Bio: The Joseph Family is missing a 14 month old male cat named Caillou (pronounced Ka-you) from 2408 Keith Drive, Raleigh NC 27610. He is white, tabby-silver/gray on various spots on his body. He has the most beautiful piercing green eyes. He weighs about 9-10 lbs. Missing since yesterday 08/03/2017 around 9 PM. Seemed to have slipped out of the front door while we were putting trash out. Caillou is not used to being on the outdoors for more than 15 minutes. This cat has been a God send the past year. We aren’t able to have anymore children, so this cat means the world to us. In tears!
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Pet Alert – Leicester, North Carlolina

Pet Name: Tyson
Age: 11y
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: 9 lb
Pet Type:
Breed: Siamese
City: Leicester
State: North Carlolina
County: Buncombe
Zip Code: 28748
Closest Cross Streets: 174 N.Turkey Creek Rd

NC 63 New Leicester Hwy
Pet Bio:
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Pet Alert – Clover/lake wylie, North Carlolina

Pet Name: Molly
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Small
Pet Type:
Breed: Pomaranian
City: Clover/lake wylie
State: North Carlolina
County: york
Zip Code: 29710
Closest Cross Streets: 274 at NC/SC Stateline
Pet Bio:
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Pet Alert – Arden, North Carlolina

Pet Name: Kasey
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Small 10 lbs
Pet Type:
Breed: Dachshund
City: Arden
State: North Carlolina
County: Buncombe
Zip Code: 28704
Closest Cross Streets: Christ school rd and sweeten creek rd
Pet Bio: Female dachshund, chocolate brown in color with black markings. She is very friendly.
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Pet Alert – Albemarle, North Carlolina

Pet Name: Ike
Age: 8
Gender: male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: large – 85 lbs
Pet Type: Dog
Breed: Lab/Border Collie mix
City: Albemarle
State: North Carlolina
County: Stanly
Zip Code: 28001
Closest Cross Streets: Hatley Farm Road
Pet Bio: Ike has black freckles on his nose and face area. He is mostly black with white markings and white paws. He will come to his name. He is friendly but will be very scared, as he is new to this area. Ike lives in Badin Shores Resort and was being boarded with a dog groomer in Albemarle. He has a blue canvas collar on with tags and phone numbers. He was last fed Wednesday 2/8/17 midday, so he will be hungry. He has never been off leash and has no road sense regarding traffic.
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Pet Alert – Charlotte, North Carlolina

Pet Name: Cosmo
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: 13#
Pet Type: Cat
Breed: Tuxedo
City: Charlotte
State: North Carlolina
County: Mecklenburg
Zip Code: 28270
Closest Cross Streets: Sardis Ln and Providence Rd
Pet Bio: Cosmo ran out after a squirrel into the wooded area behind the Crest on Providence apartments. Black with white belly, feet, and an uneven “mustache.” Friendly boy, but might be a bit skittish as this is his first trip outdoors.
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