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Stray Pet Alert – Missing Grey, in Portland, Oregon

Owners Name: Steven, Dutcher
Phone: (530) 720-0502
Email: dutchersl@yahoo.com

Pet Name:  Grey
Age:  10
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Large
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Greyhound
City:  Portland
State:  Oregon
County: Multnomah
Zip Code: 97212
Closest Cross Streets:  33rd and lombard ct
Date Lost:06/01/2019
Time Lost: 09:00 am
Pet Bio:  10 year old retired racer recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Tattoos on both inner ears, one of which is birth month and year (1008). Skittish and unlikely to respond to calls. Very gentle, sweet, and amazing.

Stray Pet Alert Cancelled- Found Princess, in Beaverton, Oregon

Pet Name:  Princess
Age:  11-13 years old
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Half Chihuahua / Half Jack Russell
City:  Beaverton
State:  Oregon
County: Washington
Zip Code: 97008
Closest Cross Streets:  Menlo
Murray Blvd
Date Lost:03/29/2019
Time Lost: 07:30 pm
Pet Bio:  She’s white with brown spots.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Peeps, in Portland, Oregon

Owners Name: Marnie, Mendoza
Phone: (714) 478-1725
Email: jfgarza13@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Peeps
Age:  1.5
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Tabby
City:  Portland
State:  Oregon
County: Multonomah
Zip Code: 97220
Closest Cross Streets:  92nd Street and Northeast Prescott Street
Date Lost:02/08/2019
Time Lost: 08:00 pm
Pet Bio:  Unaltered (not neutered) pale tabby with large, copper-gold eyes and a mostly round face. Responds to Peeps/Peepa and is curious/friendly around strangers, other cats, and dogs but may not be affectionate with or approach new people. Do not chase—please notify owner immediately if seen rather than attempting to pick up. Tends to be independent and may have made a home in a garage, carport, or backyard.