Stray Pet Alert – Missing Gus, in Peoria, Arizona

Owners Name: Andrew, Nordmeier
Phone: (480) 540-7685
Email: elierk@hotmail.com

Pet Name:  Gus
Age:  3 years
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Large
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic long hair
City:  Peoria
State:  Arizona
County: Maricopa
Zip Code: 85383
Closest Cross Streets:  Happy Valley Rd and Lake Pleasant Rd
Date Lost:01/23/2020
Time Lost: 03:00 pm
Pet Bio:  Gus is a large fluffy grey cat with a bushy tail and yellow eyes, very sweet with a quiet squeaky meow

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Buckley, in Studio City, CA, Los Angeles Area

Owners Name: Sierra, Kemp
Phone: (510) 529-9784
Email: sierrarkemp@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Buckley
Age:  1
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  French Bulldog
City:  Studio City, CA
State:  Los Angeles Area
County: Los Angeles
Zip Code: 91604
Closest Cross Streets:  Ventura Blvd. and Campo De Cahuenga freeway overpass
Date Lost:01/18/2020
Time Lost: 04:00 pm
Pet Bio:  Buckley is a 1year old, 25lbs, male, white French bulldog with grey and brown patches around his ears and eyes. He went missing in Studio City, CA, 91604 on Saturday, January 18th. Buckley is very friendly, microchipped, neutered and has no tail. Please help us find our fur baby.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing June, in Duluth, Georgia

Owners Name: Jacob, Prock
Phone: (678) 451-5304
Email: jake102@att.net

Pet Name:  June
Age:  7 years
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Pit Mix
City:  Duluth
State:  Georgia
County: Gwinnett
Zip Code: 30096
Closest Cross Streets:  Bristol Lane
Date Lost:01/15/2020
Time Lost: 10:00 am
Pet Bio:  Brown and white, medium sized, short hair, female, spayed, and chipped.

Also with my other dog, Faye. Red-brown, medium sized, long hair, female, spayed, and chipped.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Chibi, in Eatonville, Washington

Owners Name: Jordynne, Rios
Phone: (210) 535-2100
Email: jariospeedwagon@Gmail.com

Pet Name:  Chibi
Age:  7
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Shiba Inu
City:  Eatonville
State:  Washington
County: Pierce
Zip Code: 98328
Closest Cross Streets:  Last seen at 4718 Silver Lake Rd.
Date Lost:01/15/2020
Time Lost: 09:00 am
Pet Bio:  Chibi is a female Shiba Inu, approx. 22 lbs and reddish orange in color, 7 years old. She is micro chipped and has a red collar. She is rather timid and mistrusting of strangers, but could be enticed to come to you for a treat.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Brownie, in Odessa, Florida

Owners Name: Claudia, Irrazabal
Phone: (813) 464-5802
Email: Claudiairrazabal01@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Brownie
Age:  2 yrs
Gender:  Female
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Small
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Poddle miniature
City:  Odessa
State:  Florida
County: Hillsborough
Zip Code: 33556
Closest Cross Streets:  Van Dyke farms
Date Lost:12/20/2019
Time Lost: 07:30 pm
Pet Bio:  Small brown poodle, microchipped, blue collar with name / phone number. She was adopted 1-1/2 month (humane society). We miss her and willing to give out a reward.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Elvis, in Yamhill, Oregon

Owners Name: Beverly, Sutherland
Phone: (503) 349-3547
Email: beverlybraden75@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Elvis
Age:  2
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Large
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  English Labrador Retriever
City:  Yamhill
State:  Oregon
County: Yamhill
Zip Code: 97148
Closest Cross Streets:  Rockyford rd and Moore’s valley.
Date Lost:01/11/2020
Time Lost: 12:00 pm
Pet Bio:  Light yellow, no markings, very friendly , sweet and goofy young man. Built thick and low , English confirmation. PLEASE!! Help our family get our baby back.

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