Stray Pet Alert – Missing Blue, in Oldsmar, Florida

Owners Name: Cathy, Carden
Phone: (727) 457-8539
Email: catcard512@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Blue
Age:  1.5 years old
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Sable Tabby/Siamese Mix
City:  Oldsmar
State:  Florida
County: Oldsmar
Zip Code: 34677
Closest Cross Streets:  Eastlake Club Apts. Tampa Rd/Curlew Rd
Date Lost:01/08/2019
Time Lost: 04:00 pm
Pet Bio:  Lost young male cat. Missing since 1/8/2019. He’s a 1 1/2 year old sable colored Tabby/Siamese Mix with blue eyes. Intact young male, not chipped.
He ran off during my move from Zephyrhills, FL to Eastlake Club Apts, in Oldsmar, FL. 34677
His carrier fell out of my hand while I was carrying him from my car to the steps of my bldg. The carrier jiggled, slipped out of my hand and hit the ground, breaking apart and he took off around building. I haven’t been able to find him since. His name is “Blue”. If you see him or even think you see him please contact me at 727-457-8539

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Royce, in Austin, Austin Area

Owners Name: Barbara, Schuett
Phone: (310) 770-7274
Email: Itsuperdork@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Royce
Age:  9 months
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Large
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Blue Lacy/Lab mix
City:  Austin
State:  Austin Area
County: Travis
Zip Code: 78734
Closest Cross Streets:  Fontaine Avenue and 620 Vinyard Bay neighborhood
Date Lost:02/17/2019
Time Lost: 02:00 pm
Pet Bio:  Black male blue lacy/lab mix with white front paw that looks like a glove . Also has white tip on his tail. Loving and friendly dog. About 9 months old and is not microchipped.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Peeps, in Portland, Oregon

Owners Name: Marnie, Mendoza
Phone: (714) 478-1725
Email: jfgarza13@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Peeps
Age:  1.5
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Tabby
City:  Portland
State:  Oregon
County: Multonomah
Zip Code: 97220
Closest Cross Streets:  92nd Street and Northeast Prescott Street
Date Lost:02/08/2019
Time Lost: 08:00 pm
Pet Bio:  Unaltered (not neutered) pale tabby with large, copper-gold eyes and a mostly round face. Responds to Peeps/Peepa and is curious/friendly around strangers, other cats, and dogs but may not be affectionate with or approach new people. Do not chase—please notify owner immediately if seen rather than attempting to pick up. Tends to be independent and may have made a home in a garage, carport, or backyard.

Stray Pet Alert Cancelled!- Found Blue, in Los Angeles, California

Pet Name:  Blue
Age:  7
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  No
Size:  Large
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Bulldog
City:  los angeles
State:  California
County: los angeles
Zip Code: 90011
Closest Cross Streets:  42nd pl and Avalon
Date Lost:01/31/2019
Time Lost: 10:30 am
Pet Bio:  He’s a friendly bulldog, weighs around 92lbs, white with brown. Please help me find him.

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Munchie, in Austin, Texas

Owners Name: Kimber, Reed
Phone: (512) 633-9757
Email: kimberdesignsaustin@gmail.com

Pet Name:  Munchie
Age:  3 years
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Large
Pet Type:  Cat
Breed:  Maine Coon
City:  Austin
State:  Texas
County: Austin
Zip Code: 78745
Closest Cross Streets:  5110 Creekline Dr. and Ramble Ln
Date Lost:02/01/2019
Time Lost: 03:00 am
Pet Bio:  Orange and white super fluffy cat, very sweet

Stray Pet Alert – Missing Guinness, in Tucson, Arizona

Owners Name: Debra, Benson
Phone: (520) 240-5337
Email: dg_benson@msn.com

Pet Name:  Guinness
Age:  3
Gender:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Size:  Medium
Pet Type:  Dog
Breed:  Miniature American Bulldog/ Pocket Bully
City:  Tucson
State:  Arizona
County: Pima
Zip Code: 85719
Closest Cross Streets:  Campbell Ave/ Grant Rd
Date Lost:01/31/2019
Time Lost: 09:00 am
Pet Bio:  Guinness is a short but very stocky mini pit. Black with white chest and paws. He is very friendly and loves people. He has some identifying scars and injuries that i’d rather use for ID. Severe Respiratory allergies that can be life threatening if he doesn’t get his medication daily.